Behind the market hall in the Zona Velha (old town) of Funchal you will find Armazém do Mercado. Coming from the old cobbled streets you will enter Armazém do Mercado and find yourself in hip, urban surroundings. This solemn, old building was recently renovated, and now looks very modern and attractive. In this building with courtyard, you’ll find several nice and unique boutiques, pop-up stores, cafes and restaurants.

pop-up stores at armazem do mercado

if you are looking for modern and trendy lifestyle boutiques, this is where you have to go. Armazém do Mercado really is an asset to Funchal. You can just take a look around the nice shops, or visit the court. On this court some attractive cafes are located, and it is used for all kinds of activities, such as workshops or live music.


Sadly, when we visited Armazém do Mercado this summer, we found out that the majority of the shops was permanently closed. All the pop-up stores are gone, as well as most of the restaurants and cafés. The Toy Museum and several galleries are still there. 


Well, stores are popping back up in Armazém do Mercado. We were glad to see that the pop-up store area houses several small stores again. Really hope they will continue to attract modern shops!

armazem do mercado restaurants 

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