Many tourists come to Madeira to enjoy the countless incredible views and the breath-taking nature. The ‘easiest’ way to discover Madeira seems to involve travel agencies. You’ll book a Madeira Island Tour, a touring bus will pick you up at your hotel and you’ll be able to see a lot of the island. Many of your fellow travelers from DEU, GBR, BEL, FR or RUS are wearing brand new and way too expensive hiking shoes or, even worse, slippers or even heels. You’ll all be dropped off at the start of a levada walk and can start exploring. This all sounds pretty convenient, but most of these tours bring you to areas which are easily accessible. And therefore: crowded. Do you want more freedom during your vacation? Our advice: rent a car and explore Madeira’s highlights on your own.

Important things to pay attention to when renting a car

  • Rent a car with a powerful engine. You’ll be ascending a lot on Madeira and nothing is more annoying then creeping up the mountain with a roaring engine.
  • Maximum speed. Maximum speed may change from 60 km/u to 100 km/u to 80 km/u, all in the course of only 200m. It’s a bit confusing at times. Better just stick to ‘go with the flow’. There are no speed camera’s (yet).
  • Madeira has many roundabouts. No problem of course, but Madeirans often forget to use their signal lights…
  • Keep an eye out for approaching traffic. Many of the roads in small towns are very narrow, and maneuvering the car in reverse isn’t always an option.

There is lots to see when driving your car around Madeira: waterfalls directly next to the road, fantastic views and of course, cows. Watch the video below for an impression of a Madeira road trip. 

Have fun!

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