In case it wasn´t kind of obvious yet: “We love Madeira!” However……. What’s up with all those white tissues??? Everywhere and during every walk you’ll encounter mounts of them: tissues and toilet paper. In such big amounts you’d almost think they are a part of the island’s traditional party decorations. White tissues, carefully placed by the special levada celebrations committee. As if these are the white version of the beautiful flower garlands decorating many a village square on Madeira. Of course, that’s not the case. It’s the ultimate form of laziness, transforming the lush green island more and more into white.

clean Madeira white tissues along levada walkclean Madeira white tissues in the grass


You would think that everyone embarking on one of Madeira’s levada walks to enjoy the wonderful nature, would want to keep it that way: pristine and green. But whenever you’re passing some more sheltered areas on a walk, small caves, abandoned sheds or large rocks, you’re guaranteed a sight of these white delights. Tissues.

I don’t really like to ‘point the finger’, but please hiker…. I totally understand that a walk lasting many hours is quite the challenge for your bladder. Nevertheless, if you’re making the effort to bring along some tissues, or by the looks of it, an entire tissue box, why not bother to also pack (alongside your photo camera, walking sticks, walking guides, packed meal and water bottle) a small plastic bag for your garbage. Just put the garbage in the bag, and take it with you. Then, after the exhilarating walk, deposit the bag in a garbage container. It’s really that simple! This way, every visitor of the levada walks can enjoy fresh and clean Madeira nature! Keep it clean ánd green!

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