Madeira Nature Festival

On MADEIRAMAZING we like to emphasize the many possibilities for enjoying an active stay on Madeira. The many different ways to enjoy nature and all kinds of adventure sports is mainly why we love this island. In 2011, the Madeira tourist office, organized the first Madeira Nature Festival, to actively promote precisely those aspects of the island.


The Madeira Nature Festival, 3rd to 8th of October 2017, is a week long event that promotes all tourist activities based on nature, thereby encouraging contact with the rich natural heritage of Madeira. All natural highlights of Madeira are celebrated. Whether on land, in the air, or in the sea, visitors of the festival can experience all kinds of different activities.

The Festival takes locals and visitors to the most beautiful places of the island, through activities like levada walking, mountain trekking, canyoning, paragliding, mountaineering, mountain biking, sailing the ocean and many more! For the full Festival program, check out the official Madeira Nature Festival website.

pico do arieiro mountains 

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