During our first visit to Madeira, our hotel served pastel de nata every other day at breakfast. It was love at first taste! After my first pastel de nata, my trip to the breakfast buffet was not complete without grabbing one, or two of these pastries. In my defense: they served mini pastel de nata.

Unfortunately we were never again so lucky to have pastel de nata at hotel breakfast. However, you will find small bakeries on every corner of the street in Madeira, so getting a hold of a pastel de nata is not really an issue. You’ll find them everywhere!

dona mecia in funchal pastel de nata


Pastel de nata is a flaky, crispy pastry filled with a light egg custard, often with a tiny bit of lemon. Although the original recipe is top secret, many Portuguese bakers developed their own version of the pastry. Did I mention they are absolutely delicious?! I dare to say I have a serious pastel de nata addiction. Whenever we return to the Netherlands after staying on Madeira, we carry a small supply from our favourite local bakery in our hand luggage. When we get home, we enjoy our last little piece of Madeira.


Fortunately, more and more non Portuguese bakeries are discovering this awesome pastry. In the Netherlands we have some bakeries serving them and even our largest supermarket concern is now selling them. So: no more cold turkey withdrawals anymore! Nevertheless: the best pastel de nata is bought at a tiny Madeira bakery, served with coffee, and eaten under the Madeira sun!


My favorite addresses in Madeira:
On Rua de Santa Maria, in old town Funchal, there is this small bakery. They sell the BEST pastel de nata! Crispy pastry and a great filling. They told us they add a little extra to the traditional recipe.
A little local bakery, located on the promenade of Santa Cruz, sells great pastel de nata. They sell all kinds of delicious pastries and their terrace is always packed with locals.
At Merceario Dona Mécia in Funchal. 

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