Madeira is your perfect destination for several ‘adventure sports’, like hiking, coasteering, mountainbiking and canyoning. The island has an abundance of mountainous areas, steep cliffs, rivers and waterfalls. All these characteristics make Madeira ideal for canyoning. Professionals even named the island as one of the best destinations of Europe to practice this outdoor sport.


Here is a short explanation for everyone who has never heard of this sport before. First, let’s start with this Wikipedia definition. “Canyoning is travelling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling and swimming.” To summarize: this is a very versatile sport. And not for the faint-hearted either. But it is so much fun! It’s a combination of adrenaline and enjoying natural beauty. So for all thrill seekers and nature lovers out there: it is just perfect!

canyoning madeira walking in canyon river canyoning madeira abseiling cliff


Madeira has many official trails. Both beginners and very experienced canyoning adepts can enjoy the islands canyons. Even if you have never before done canyoning, or even any climbing or abseiling, there are still plenty of possibilities. There are several organisations offering trips on all levels of difficulty. Just give it a try.

canyoning madeira jumping

For us, canyoning is one of the most important reasons we keep coming back to Madeira. We love unspoiled nature and are kind of obsessed with waterfalls. We also like to discover and explore. Canyoning combines these factors perfectly. It brings you to places inaccessible without climbing gear, where nature is still untouched and perfect. And it gives such a thrill! Jumping of a 10 meter cliff in the bright-blue pools underneath or abseiling next to an enormous waterfall: severe feelings of toughness and invincibility are guaranteed!


Would you like to know more about canyoning on Madeira? Please contact us, so we can help you with additional info. We can also recommend you a very good, reliable and fun guide.

Watch the video of our latest canyoning adventure here