The Atlantic Ocean around Madeira is the natural habitat of around twenty different species of whales and dolphins. Some of these species reside here all year round, and some are just passing through. This makes Madeira a great place to visit these animals!

If you want to see whales and dolphins, Funchal is were you have to be. Here you’ll find many companies offering some kind of boat tour on the ocean. When choosing a company, and subsequently the type of boat you’ll take, take into consideration what you expect from the boat tour. Some boat types are more suited for spotting dolphins and whales then others. Also, take the weather into account: for spotting dolphins and whales, you’ll want to pick a day with as little waves as possible.

dolphins and whales madeira bryde whale with calf


There are certain regulations about interacting with cetaceans. We, as tourists visiting dolphins and whales on their territory, also have our own responsibility in this: make sure you choose a company for your boat trip which complies to these regulations. For more information on responsible dolphin and whale watching, take a look at this website. The companies we have experienced were very respectful in their approach of the dolphins and whales we encountered.


This website records information about current sightings of cetaceans around Madeira. This will of course not guarantee you’ll see the same animals.

Feel free to contact us for additional information about the companies offering these trips. We’re happy to help you decide! Read the report of our last boat trip here and find out if we spotted any dolphins or whales.