Monte houses quite a few touristic attractions, but the village itself is also worth a visit. It’s a quiet and attractive little village build on a mountain above Funchal (hence, the name of the village), and there is so much green in and around this place! Coming from the church you’ll stroll through a small garden and end up on a nice little town square. Here you’ll find a music chapel and some small terraces. It’s very peaceful here and you can just enjoy the surroundings sitting on one of the square benches.

One of the most beautiful churches of Madeira is located in Monte. At the end of a steep stairway leading up the mountain resides a beautiful white church. This church has a perfect location! In front of the church, or from the top of the church (when it’s open to visitors), you have excellent view over Funchal and the Atlantic Ocean.


Monte is the location of one of the biggest festivals of Madeira: once a year they celebrate Nossa Senhora do Monte or Monte Festival (on August 15th). By then, this village is packed with people and the town square is filled with food stands and music. An enormous contrast to the serenity of this town on a regular day! But surely worth a visit, if by chance you are in Madeira in this period. You’ll enjoy a great night with music, espetada, bolo do caco and poncha together with the Madeira locals. Furthermore, the village is lavishly decorated during this festival.


This village is the place to be for visiting some of the many beautiful botanical gardens of Madeira. Here you’ll find two large gardens: the municipal Leite Monteiro Park (a public park) and the Monte Palace Tropical Garden.

cats of Madeira cat with hat


There are many ways to get to Monte: you can of course travel by car, bus or taxi, but you can also take the cable car up the mountain. And how about the way down? Well, you could take the cable car, bus, taxi or car, but there’s also something called a toboggan: for an extra adventurous descent.