One of Madeira’s main tourist attractions is the spectacular landscape. Nature can still run its course on Madeira. Century old forests, colourful flowers, fierce rivers and waterfalls and rugged mountains: it’s all there! Not surprising that so many nature lovers go hiking on Madeira. Furthermore, Madeira has an incredible walking network: its levadas!

levada walking in madeira flowers folhadal


In order to provide the more dry areas of the island with water, some centuries ago a vast network of narrow irrigation canals was built: the levadas. Next to these levadas lie narrow foot paths, constructed so the levadas could be maintained. The walks past these levadas are very diverse and a perfect way to discover the ‘true’ Madeira. In areas near villages you’ll walk past people’s houses and gardens. You’re allowed a peek into the lives of the villagers: walking amongst their crops and laundry hanging out to dry. On the other hand, in the mountains, you’ll be able to walk for hours without seeing anyone and you’ll walk through untouched nature, meanwhile enjoying splendid views.


The level of difficulty of the walks varies. Generally, the levada walks are more easy, since these walks have little change in altitude. This is different for the many mountain walks on the island. These are as a rule much harder and more suited for experienced walkers. But, whether you chose a light, moderate or strenuous walk: you’re sure to enjoy the walk. Up until now we have not found one trail to disappoint us!


Here we will share a selection of trails we have walked. You’ll read more information about the walk by clicking the photo of the trail in question.


Although walking on madeira is very, very amazing, Madeira walks also are the scene of several accidents each year. And sadly, some of these are fatal. Read this blog for tips on having a fun ánd safe hike on Madeira.