For unique street wear and artwork: visit Walking Frame in Funchal! Owner Jorge Rosa designs exclusive artwork, which he sells in limited editions. He sells t-shirts and prints with his artwork and very unique lamps and smaller products like notebooks and buttons. Also, his designs have a message. They make you think about topics like our modern day society and the way we treat nature and animals.

In addition to being a talented and committed designer, Jorge Rosa is a very nice guy. He will gladly make a chat and tell you about his designs and his island Madeira.

walking frame funchal artwork designs notebooks walking frame funchal artwork buttons  


If you’re looking for a shop with unique and affordable things, stop by Walking Frame! You’ll find it close to Sé Cathedral, on Rua das Pretas 49. Walking Frame also has an online store.

Several of Jorge’s designs have found their way to our house already. We are the proud owners of a white dog lamp and some nice prints.

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