We are rather fond of Monte. Period. We visit Monte often. And still, once in a while, we will discover something new! For instance, during our last visit to Monte we found out that very close to the large and well known Monte Palace Tropical Garden, there is another large garden. It was actually quite stupid of us we never saw this before, because you just can’t miss it. Anyway, when walking past the church of Monte, though a small garden, you’ll end up on a small town square. At the town square you can descend the broad brick stairs and enter the municipal Monte gardens: Parque Leite Monteiro. It’s a bit smaller than Monte Palace Tropical Garden, but just as beautiful (and without entrance fee!)

monte gardens flowers in summer


This garden was built in 1894 and has a surface area of 26 000 m2. In the garden you will find ancient trees and many species of exotic and native plants and flowers. I don’t know a thing about plant or flower species, but I do like to watch them :-). The garden consists of many brick walls, bridges and stone arches and all of this makes for an attractive and authentic looking scenery. We’ll just perch on a bench, listen to the water in the fountains, and do absolutely nothing. Just relax and enjoy the scenery. It makes for a perfect change of the many active walks we make on Madeira.


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